An unforgettable week full of peace in the charming bays of the Aegean Sea covered with pine forests. you are interested in a genuine Turkish experience, lots of amazing bays and like to relax and unwind this route might be something ideal for you. All active groups that are interested in seeing small local towns, like to swim and snorkel and wish to escape the most crowded places will find enjoyment in this 7-day Turkey Blue cruise.


1.DAY:Marmaris is one of the nicest places in Turkey, and his marina and harbor are nice to take a stroll around. Furthermore, this town offers lots of restaurants and a fabulous castle of Suleyman the Magnificent and an appealing old quarter where you can shop and relax for a while. After a while, you may come across the famous bar street that is vibrant and full of action and a great choice for evening drinks.

2.DAY: TURUNC Turunc was once a small fishing village now it is developed to Turkish holiday resort situated in the Marmaris. This village is small and it is possible to walk from one end of the village to the other in about half an hour, so one day at this location is enough. Here you’ll find plenty of restaurants and accommodation and it is a great place to stop by and relax away from crowds on your gulet cruise. At nights, the main street is closed to traffic and it’s a great time for just strolling and relaxing.

3.DAY: Arabian Island-Bozukkale(Loryma) First, your captain will find a nice bay somewhere around Arap Island for a tasty lunch on board with a 5-star view. After lunch and a short break, you’ll visit Bozukkale. There you can discover remains of the fortress (ancient city of Loryma) or just do some swimming, surfing, canoeing and enjoying all the beautiful coves and natural beauties. Sometimes it is all about simple things in life we all love.

4.DAY: Datca Datça is a small harbor town that dates back to the Dorian times and it is the nearest place to the ancient city of Knidos. Here you will see one of the purest blue waters, lots of opportunities for shopping and some entertainment as well. Nice beautiful streets with lots of artistic value with make you feel good and relaxed. There are beaches and bays best for snorkeling, diving tours, and courses. A must visit the old part of Datca and immerse yourself in history and culture. You will also come across Datca houses, beautiful tiny streets with its artistic value. They are the greatest examples of beautiful architecture.

5.DAY: Aktur- Bencik After breakfast, we will cruise to Aktur Bay. Then our first stop will be Bencik Bay; which has a very narrow entrance but a unique view once you get inside. Bencik is located at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides Hisarönü Gulf from Gökova Gulf but it is located at Hisarönü side. In 550s B.C., the Cnidus people wanted to dig a tunnel in the narrowest land piece of the peninsula between the Hisarönü Gulf and the Gökova Gulf as a defence line against the Persians. They would make two peninsulas one island and the defence easier in that way. They started with great diligence and put forth a lot of effort; however, in the end they could not manage and the city was conquered by the Persians. Dinner and an overnight stay will be in Bencik Bay.

6.DAY:Selimiye-Orhaniye  If you are in search of “real” authentic experience of Turkey lifestyle then Selimiye is the place to come. It has a laid-back family atmosphere and it is as unspoiled as it gets. There’s still a surprisingly wide choice of cafés and restaurants there – but life is calm and easy. We definitely recommend you to try some of the local food or sweet dessert options. The final destination is Orhaniye village where you will be served with for the dinner. When dinner ends, if you feel like you could snack on something more we highly recommend strolling down rustic streets and find nice purple sweet figs that are too tempting to resist.

7.DAY: Dırsekbuku-Bozburun Village life in Bozburun is geared around agriculture, fishing and the building of the traditional gulets. It is very interesting to check out the local boatyards and see how these amazing vessels are built. Dirsek Buku offers perfect shelter for a great swim and a nice restaurant for some snacks, and it is generally a great place to visit and stay overnight. Crystal clear waters of Dirsek buku will amaze you!

8.DAY:Marmaris Check-out will be at 10:00 after breakfast. If you want you can later before heading home further explore the Marmaris. Before you check-out, Goolets representative will come for one last visit on board to check how everything went and if you need any further assistance (transfers, suggestions on how to spend the day till your flight and similar).