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Privacy Policy

www.easygulets.com requests some personal information during and after registration. First priority of www.easygulets.com is to protect and sustain security for personal information. With this purpose, given information are not shared with third parties or used except from the terms and purposes mentioned in Membership Contract.

www.easygulets.com may determine IP addresses of users and use them if necessary to detect systematic problems and solve such problems as soon as possible. IP addresses may be used to identify users and gather demographical information.

Contact information (name, surname, e-mail address, phone number and mail address) shall be requested in registration forms, order forms, surveys and contests. Credit card information shall be requested in purchasing forms. Above mentioned personal information shall be used with the purpose of getting purchase, allocating products and services, getting payment, transferring purchase, informing about purchasing, getting in touch about products and services, updating information, managing and carrying membership, suggesting products and services and making it available for third parties to carry out technical, logistical and related other works for us.

Unless otherwise indicated, daily and weekly informative e-mails shall be sent to your e-mail address after you become a member of www.easygulets.com. You are entitled to make a change, unsubscribe or re-subscribe to mailing list any time you desired. The content of this e-mails may include information about purchased product(s), other products you may interested, ads of third parties /or other related information. Demographical information are used to adapt the website to the interests of users. These information may be shared with advertisers to provide the adaptation of ads to target audiences only be with as a collective information. Such information do not include any personal information and can only be used to make a segmentation and deduction about users’ tendencies as a group. Financial information are used to send invoices to you regarding your purchased product and/or services. When you purchase a product or service from the website, you agree that financial information belonging to you will be shared with third parties (banks, credit card companies etc.) that are necessary to carry out your payment. Information to be shared, include all necessary financial information including credit card number, expiration date, CVV2.

All credit card and personal information are secured by internet security standard SSL Secure system 256 mbit. With SSL Secure, it is ensured that unauthorized people or corporations cannot obtain any of your information. For any question or suggestion related to privacy policy of us, please send an e-mail from contact section on the website.

www.easygulets.com membership cancellation can be made through sending an e-mail to info@easygulets.com or through “Membership Cancellation” located under “My Account” section.

Clients can make a free request to receive written information about their personal information stored in the system of www.easygulets.com. Any request related to correcting or erasing information shall be put into force immediately, to the degree that laws foresee.

Personal information such as name, address, e-mail address and phone number may be requested to answer requests and desires and to accomplish such requests and desires or to carry out interactive client programs. Only with your desire and approval, you will become a member of www.easygulets.com and these information will be shared with us.

Given information are secured and stored in the data bank of the company. These information can be used to answer requests and/or present/offer new products, services and campaigns through mail, e-mail or phone. We do not share these information with third parties as long as the current regulation does not necessitate so.

The website uses technologies collecting the data such as IP address, software system of users’ computer and scanner application.


Adres : EASYGULETS / ÖLÜDENİZ SUAR TUR. Ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. – Taşyaka Mah. Baha Şıkman Cad. Utku İş Merkezi No:12/2 Fethiye/MUĞLA

Telefon: 0252 612 91 99

Email : hello@easygulets.com

Membership Agreement

  1. This Membership Contract, is prepared by Ölüdeniz Suar Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. and its affiliates (referred to herein as EASYGULETS) to set the terms and conditions of the website, easygulets.com.
  2. EASYGULETS, regularly shares campaigns and announcements with its members approving the Contract, and allow member to make online reservation and to use online renting facilities.
  3. The website “www.easygulets.com” is an exclusive website and may not be transferred or sold.
  4. The member has a “password” set by him/her. The user can change his/her password at any time. EASYGULETS takes all responsible precautions for the security of members. The members are also responsible for their security. EASYGULETS shall never request the passwords of the clients. Therefore it shall not be responsible for any problem to be arisen while using password.

E-mail address given during the registration is exclusive the member and member has an opportunity to create one account; e-mail address may not be used to create two membership. “Password” shall be known only by the user.

E-mail address and password entered on registration are needed to connect to services that require membership.

  1. Member agrees the condition that www.easygulets.com may contact with him/her in order to present/offer the campaign applications in accordance with the personal and rental details provided by him/her.
  2. Member agrees that he/she is the only responsible one for any damages occurred because of incomplete or incorrect information given during his/her registration and that EASYGULETS can unilaterally cancel the membership without any warning and notification in the event of any misleading/wrong information and violation of this Contract by the member.
  3. Member agrees, declares and undertakes to not to copy, sell, reproduce and republish any information, documents, software, designs, graphics, visuals, videos etc contained in the website “www.easygulets.com” belonging to EASYGULETS.
  4. www.easygulets.com is entitled to cease/suspend its operation temporarily or permanently. EASYGULETS will not be responsible to the members of easygulets.com or any third parties related to the interruption or suspension of the system temporarily or permanently.

www.easygulets.com is entitled to prevent the user to log in the system or to get a new password without any reason, even if the member enters correct name and password.

www.easygulets.com has the copyrights related to the ownership of the information, documents, software, designs, graphics etc. produced by it directly and/or acquired from external parties.

Renting options of www.easgulets.com are limited by the numbers and availabilities of cruises.

www.easygulets.com is entitled cancel the reservation&renting of cruise(s) which is no more available and refund the payment to the client to his/her bank account.

The exhibition of any cruise in the virtual list shall not mean necessarily that such cruise(s) is contained within the stocks of the stores of easygulets.com or EASYGULETS.

The information, documents, software, designs, graphics and etc. work produced by the members and voluntarily uploaded to the system to publish cannot be used without permission.

www.easygulets.com is solely entitled to change the prices and properties of the products on the website. In the event of any mistake in prices or product properties, www.easygulets.com is solely entitled to choose whether to correct such mistake and rent the cruise or cancel the reservation&renting and refund the payment to the client.

www.easgulets.com may provide links to the users other websites. In such link, www.easygulets.com is not responsible for any content of such linked websites.

EASYGULETS is entitled to make changes/amendments to the Contract or include new provisions due to technical requirements or complying with the applicable laws and regulations. www.easygulets.com is entitled to change the status of services not requiring membership currently, to a status requiring membership, or it may include additional services, partly or completely change some services or change them as paid services.

  1. Member agrees, declares and undertakes that the book records, microfilms, microfiche and computer records of EASYGULETS shall be deemed as valid, binding, absolute and exclusive evidences in any dispute arising from this Agreement without prejudice to Article 193 et al. of the HMK (Code of Turkish Civil Procedure). Member agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she waives from his right to object to entries of EASYGULETS and to tender an oath regarding duly execution of them.
  2. Any dispute which may occur related to this Contract shall be governed by the provisions of this Contract first of all, and any matter not covered herein shall be governed by the applicable laws of Turkey.
  3. TR Muğla/Fethiye Center Courts and Bailiff Offices shall settle any dispute arisen from the implementation of this contract.
  4. This contract shall be valid and effective as of the completion of the member registration form and setting the password by the user, and continue to be valid for indefinite time.
  5. EASYGULETS is entitled to cancel this contract at one sided and at any time as it desires.

Address : EASYGULETS / OLUDENIZ SUAR TUR. Ve TIC. LTD. STI. – Tasyaka Mah. Baha Sikman Cad. Utku Is Merkezi No:12/2 Fethiye/MUGLA - TURKEY

Phone: +90 252 612 91 99

E-mail: hello@easygulets.com

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