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Easy Gulets About Us

Easygulets.com is a legal website for online hiring and booking of gulets,cabin charter, motor yachts and bareboats that is working within the structure of Ölüdeniz Suar Turizm ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. registered to T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism and having a certificate of group A travel agency. Main office of easygulets.com locates in Fethiye/Muğla but it also gives services in the ports of Bodrum, Marmaris and Göcek. The deepest mission of us is to provide an unforgettable holiday for our customers. Affordable yachts of gulets ,cabin charter, and bareboats with large price ranges and experienced team of us working for the desires of our customers from the moment of booking are ready to serve in any time needed.

Easy Gulet How It Works


Choose your dream destination from EasyGulets departure bases. Sail under every latitude, in the Mediterranean and Aegean! According to your desire to escape, our experts will help you create your own cruise itinerary.


You are ready for the most relaxing and unique way to discover the Meditterenean and Aegean. Don’t forget to pack your favorite T-Shirt. If you wish, we transfer you and your family from the airport as well.


No matter what your cruising project is, we will offer you the best boat for amazing holidays. Each boat can be chartered with a skipper if need be. Start a query on the type of boat of your choice and board on for an unforgettable cruise!